Hackner Security Intelligencevulcom: vulnerability management

This software is designed by HACKNER Security Intelligence to help our clients manage ongoing vulnerability scans using different products and enables them to integrate those results in incident and risk management systems.

Vulnerability scans can help detecting basic security problems in the company’s network. VULCOM is a solution to manage different scan products in one interface, actually manage the execution of so-called scan agents throughout the whole enterprise, and combine all the results in one place. VULCOM has not only been designed to aggregate the results, but also to correlate vulnerabilities, filter out duplicates, and create meaningful information out of rather technical findings. To provide understandable results that are interesting to management as well as technicians, HACKNER Security Intelligence created its own vulnerability database that was put together from the experience of hundreds of manual penetration tests since the foundation of the company. The found vulnerabilities are categorized by their risk and accompanied by recommendations.

VULCOM helps companies combine and actively manage automated and manual security checks, with the option to export and integrate these results in your risk management software. Our experts will configure the scanners for you and monitor the process. All this was designed to maximize the benefits and minimize the work for our clients.

All data is securely hosted in Austria and our helpdesk is available during local office hours for support.

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