Our services. Challenging your current state of security.

To improve means to challenge the status quo and be open for new ways. We are ready to challenge your current security measures. Contact us and we will customise a testing strategy from a wide range of testing methods together with you to best fit your situation.

Red Teaming

Put your security measures and security team to the ultimate test. Our team of IT, physical security and social engineering experts will test your company to see how attackers would leverage existing vulnerabilities to achieve their goals.


We identify and prioritize risks and provide guidance in minimizing them to ensure that your security budget is used in the most efficient way.

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Penetration Testing

Our experienced penetration testers are always up for new challenges when breaking into IT systems, external and internal networks, web and desktop applications, on-site active directory and cloud environments, mobile apps and proprietary devices. 


We are experienced in IT environments as well as OT and SCADA environments in areas ranging from industry and transportation to energy and banking. 

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Social Engineering

Our social engineers have substantial experience in designing and executing scenarios, ranging from targeted phishing e-mails to gaining physical access into your company.

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Physical Security Test

We review the effectiveness of your physical security measures, such as locks, surveillance, and alarm systems, but also alarm communication and reaction time on incidents.

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