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Managing Director

Thomas founded the company in 2010 after his studies at FH Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg for Computer and Media Security (BSc) and Secure Information Systems (MSc) to introduce the yet little practiced service of Physical Red Teaming to the European market.

He is located in Amsterdam but as a lecturer and trainer for penetration testing, physical security and social engineering he is involved in many projects across Europe and enjoys working with his team of highly qualified experts and friends. 


Manager Offensive Security

Stefan studied Secure Information Systems (BSc, MSc) at FH Oberösterreich, Campus Hagenberg, is a lecturer for penetration testing and physical security. He joined the team 2014 and has been an essential part ever since.

As an excellent organizer and team lead, he makes sure his team members always get enough space for their personal development and plans between the many assessments.


Team Assistant

Since 2022 Birgit forms the backbone of our team by providing a positive work environment and ensuring smooth processes, so our testers can dive deeper into their area of expertise. Also, no report would go out without being appraised and approved by Birgit's strict eyes for spelling, comprehensibility and gender-neutral phrasing during her quality check.


Senior Security Consultant

With international experience in security testing and working in a security operation centre Georg joined our workforce in 2019. He is an organizational talent and keeps us on track in even the most complex projects. Because of his experience, technical knowledge, reliability and open mind he does penetration testing and is also part of our security assessment team for OT infrastructure.


Penetration Tester, Red Team Member

Rene is an unbelievable all-round talent aka Mr. Q at the office. Since 2017 he is a fixture in our red team as a technical counterpart, as he is able to get access to every device, be it a mobile, a modem, medical products or bank terminals. He finds his way through every network and is a great mentor for our young talents, as well as a great support for our team.


Penetration Tester, Financial Security Expert

Hannes loves traveling and meeting new cultures. This open mindset is also part of his professional approach. He is an excellent penetration tester and our expert for financial security assessments. He is mostly seen handling the Top 50 companies within the DACH region and bridging the gap between the security team and higher management. By analysing highly complex processes and using his vast technical knowledge he identifies even the smallest technical point of attack which could compromise the payment process.


Security Consultant, Full-Stack Developer

David is an indescribably positive person and the good soul of our team. He is a passionate full-stack developer and responsible for the professional development of our software tools since 2018. He supports the social engineering team as a social engineer during challenging projects and is always attracted to new topics like a moth to a flame.


Senior Security Consultant, Red Team Lead

Chris works indescribably focused. You will have to drag him from his notebook at 3 a.m., once he sinks his teeth in a specific problem. His open-minded approach creates a relaxed working atmosphere which is productive and fun. Chris joined us in 2017, is responsible for the further development of our red teams and for our top-of-the-line red team infrastructure.


Penetration Tester, Developer

Alex is our go-to-person for challenging web application checks and cloud environment security. He is extremely knowledgeable about the newest web attacks and trends and loves a well-prepared project. His widespread programming skills enables him to automate many cloud review tasks as well as supporting and supervising our internal development team.


Penetration Tester

Martin joined our team in 2023. He has a vast experience in the field of penetration testing and as a lecturer for IT & Mobile Security at the FH Joanneum. When spare time permits, he participates in hacking competitions, like the Austrian Cyber Security Challenge, in which he made it to the finals and even won a few times.


Penetration Tester, Red Team Member

Florian joined our team in 2022 with a lot of experience in penetration testing. Web application tests are a welcome challenge for him. He regularly works with Chris on red team assessments in various IT environments. With his open and friendly demeanour, he was quickly integrated into our team and is one of the last to leave at any event. Rumour has it that this would predestine him for an apartment in Vienna. 


Penetration Tester

Maximilian joined our team in 2022. After his bachelor studies Secure Information Systems at the FH Hagenberg, Upper Austria he chose to follow up his Master in the Netherlands and is researching in the area of quantum cryptography. He is an outstanding and versatile student who works on complex technical problems, which will set the course for future developments.


IT Administration

Iveta is supporting our team since 2023 with her wide technical know-how to keep the operative core of the company running. She acquired her knowledge through her bachelor studies as well as her former positions and projects at international companies which included working on complex multinational IT projects.

Our reputation is our best security.